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A kind caring soul

Man (36) op zoek naar een Vrouw Baambrugge, Nederland

A compassionate liberal Muslim soul, kind and caring. Creative, totally open-minded and somehow nerdy. Not always the most self-confident person in the room: and close to his senses and feelings. Honest and in the meantime hesitant in telling the truth when it hurts a dear one.

An open and philosophically skeptical mind and a heart which is into spirituality. Sometimes criticised for being that `too nice` type and a someone who tries to be extremely honest here.

Lover of (all kind of) traveling to new places especially if that is by chance in the south and south-east Asia. A good and admired cook who is into Thai and Indian cuisine. A non-vegetarian who is feeling guilty and shy about eating other creatures and is maybe a bit hypocrite in his love for animals in this regard. And a lover of dogs and someone who has -always- time to pet cats (especially if it is not his own!).

A lover of babies and kids, especially when they look like the fat white baby from the tv commercial and quite interested in other cultures and how the life of people all around the world has similarities and many differences. Lover of philosophy, history, watermelon, good Pixar animations and a deep good conversation when you feel even partially understood!

A boy who is speaking somehow good English with a Persian accent and speaks an everyday Dutch which is sometimes confusing and often with mistakes here and there.

At first, a bit shy and nervous guy with a heart which used to be the most passionate one, and a post-graduate in Fine Arts who studied how to be the storyteller of 1001 nights...

And last but not least, successful senior UX designer who admires volunteer and charity work a lot and who tries hard to make a better person out of himself and grow every day.
and a man who is looking to find the `one`...

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